Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let it snow

Chances are that if you live in the Boston area and didn't get your long run in yesterday, you'll probably be heading to your local gym today or maybe to your basement to put some miles on the treadmill.

Winter is back in Boston. About 10-12 inches of snow fell on the Hub over the last 15 hours. (And it's still snowing and blowing as I type at 4:29 EST.) Before today's storm we've had a moderate winter with little snow in Boston. So as runners we've been lucky. But you knew Mother Nature would force us to adjust our training schedules at some point this season. But would she dare throw us a curveball, or should I say snowball at us on Marathon day? In the middle of April? Mother Nature has done it before...

1907 - Traces of Sleet
1908 - Snowflakes and drizzle
1925 -Cold wind and occasional flurries
1961 - Snow squalls, winds of 10-12 mph, temperature 39 degrees
1967 - Snow squalls for the first five miles of the marathon

source: BAA