Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boston Marathon tips from Race Director Dave McGillivray

This is the first in a series of posts featuring Boston Marathon tips and more from the experts.

I'll be asking folks who know the Boston Marathon like the back of their hand to provide 1) three tips for running the Boston Marathon and 2) a favorite Boston Marathon memory or moment.

I'd like to thank Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray for taking time out of his schedule to provide his insights.

Today, the tips. Tomorrow, the memories.


Boston Marathon Tips

* Know the course - above all, condition yourself for the omnipresent course elevation drops.

* Be patient - too many go out too fast, especially in Boston, and then pay for it on the back end. Some of the best times run at Boston have been by running negative splits.

* Don't overtrain -- I see more people going into the race "tired" than I do undertrained. Know when more is too much. You must go into the race totally rested and refreshed.

Thanks Dave. Check back tomorrow for Dave's favorite Boston Marathon moments.