Sunday, April 16, 2006

To: Boston Marathon Runners

Break a leg.

Tomorrow is the big day. Showtime!

Good luck to the runners. Enjoy EVERYTHING about the day.
Keep a positive attitude every mile and you can't lose. You've already won.
Earlier today I was reading The Globe and came across a story in The Boston Globe Magazine. It was a letter in their "Tales from the City" column. A woman who ran in the 100th Boston Marathon shared her story of a journey that was actually just beginning. Here it is...

Ten years ago, exhausted and disoriented after finishing the 100th Boston Marathon I turned to one of the other 40,000 runners and asked whether he could direct me to a local hotel. Instead, the man kindly offered to walk me there. Our small talk covered three topics: our first names, the towns in which we lived, and our professions. The next day while describing the race to a co-worker, I told her about the friendly runner and our all too-short conversation. My colleague gave me a puzzled look and said," I think he's a friend of mine." Given the limited description and massive coincidence, I agreed to let her contact her friend. One phone call proved she was right--and even better--that her friend had been searching through the finish results in an attempt to find my last name so he could call me. She gave him my phone number, and this year we will watch the 110th marathon together, celebrating seven years of marriage and 4-year old twin boys. Who knew one could simply run into a husband?


I'll have two more blog entries this year -- Marathon Monday and Tuesday, April 18. Thanks for checking in these last few days, weeks, or months for a quick dose of Boston Marathon info. But there's so much more. Just send an e-mail now to and when the blog starts back up in January '07, i'll be sure to send you a message. Just type "marathon blog" in the subject line.

Thanks again. Come back for the last two blog entries tomorrow and tuesday.

All the best,