Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Rerun, a Forecast and Happy Feet

To all the readers who’ve just discovered my blog, welcome.
Today I wanted to reprint a blog entry from January 28, plus add a few items.

On Jan. 28 I checked out the Old Farmer’s Almanac to see what the forecast was for Marathon Monday. Here’s the entry from that day, including the Farmer’s Almanac forecast…

Blog entry from January 28, 2006…

What’s the forecast for this year’s Boston Marathon?

I know it’s still months away, but I was curious. So I checked out the Old Farmer’s Almanac. These folks have been predicting the weather since 1792 and say their results are “almost always very close to our traditional claim of 80%.”

Here’s what the almanac had to say about April 16-20 (the Boston Marathon is April 17):

Very warm, t-storms

Sunrise for April 17: 6am
Sunset: 7:28 pm

Another Run for the Hoses? Stay tuned.

Ok, so now with only 9 days before the 110th Boston Marathon, here’s what is forecasting for Monday, April 17…

Scattered Showers
Daytime High:54°F
Overnight Low:44°F
Probability of Precipitation: 60%
Wind: From the Northwest at 15 mph

Weather in New England can change in a minute so I’ll believe this forecast when I wake up on Marathon Monday.

Happy Feet
If you’re still looking for a great pair of socks to wear on Marathon Monday read on. I usually don’t recommend any products (and I’m sure not receiving any compensation from the company), but I have to tell you about some super socks.

I thought I had found the ultimate running socks in a pair of Ultimax Ironman socks until I discovered Balega socks. Just typing the word “Balega” reminds me of the first time I slipped on these soft, light, ultra-comfortable socks. Pick up a pair, give ’em a try on your next run, and see what you think. A pair of Balega socks cost about $10.