Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcome to the Scream Tunnel

The tradition of Wellesley College students cheering marathoners began in 1897, the first year of the Boston Marathon.

If you’ve never experienced the “Scream Tunnel,” you’re in for an unforgettable experience. In 1982, Alberto Salazar said, “They (the Wellesley College women) were screaming so loudly it hurt.” Michael Goldstein, a runner from St. Louis, told author Hal Higdon(Boston: A Century of Running), “Two miles down the road, I decided to turn back and run the gauntlet again.”

I guess it’s really no longer a “tunnel” -- in 1995 the BAA started keeping Wellesley College spectators to only one side of the road. But it doesn’t matter. It’s still REAL LOUD!

Enjoy the “Scream Tunnel.” You’ll never forget it. But keep something left in the tank for the rest of your day. You’ll feel your pace pick up because of all the excitement, but stay calm. You’ve still got about a half-marathon in front of you.

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