Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hooray for Hollywood

Tonight is Hollywood’s big night – the 78th annual Academy Awards. And although the following actors have never brought home an Oscar, they certainly deserve a round of applause for their performances in Boston.

2003 - Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live, Old School (3:56:12)
2002 - Mario Lopez, Saved by the Bell, (5:41:41)
2000 - David James Elliott, JAG (4:57:23)

I thought I had an Oscar winner and a Boston Marathon finisher to tell you about today. It was rumored Cambridge-bred Matt Damon, who won an Academy Award for Good Will Hunting, was training to take on the Boston course in 2005. But he never made it to Hopkinton.

Here’s a piece from 11/23/04…

Oscar winner Matt Damon will run the Feaster Five Road Race in Andover on Thanksgiving morning as a tune-up for the Boston Marathon, the actor's brother, Kyle, told the Lawrence Eagle Tribune. Damon quit smoking, his brother said, and with a little fraternal coaxing, signed up to participate in the 5-mile race. It's not that far-fetched for Damon to run the Boston Marathon, according to Kyle, who's done it himself. "I've been bugging Matt for years to get into it," he said. "He finally quit smoking, and we're running [it] together next April. I've run it. My father [Kent] has run it. Now Matt's up."

Who knows what happened, but Damon’s intent to run Boston seems genuine. Run Matt!

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