Sunday, February 19, 2006

NEW book from Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray

Dave McGillivray was always the last pick for team sports. So instead of team sports, Dave dedicated himself to exceling at individual sports.

At age 17, he attempted to run in his first Boston Marathon without training for the event. He didn't cross the finish line that year, but that didn't defeat him. Instead he went on to complete 118 marathons and later become the Boston Marathon's race director.

The Last Pick is a "book about overcoming the odds through perseverance, discipline and an unrelenting desire to do things that perhaps very few have done before. It takes the reader on a journey through life’s obstacles, then leaves the reader with a new understanding of how to set and accomplish their goals while teaching that anything is possible."

The Last Pick is now available for pre-order at and will arrive in bookstores on April 3.

Dave will not personally make any money on this book. All proceeds of the book will be donated to a number of children’s charities, one of them being the Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute which he has been affiliated with for over 25 years. Another would be his own foundation, The DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation, inspiring children’s fitness and fighting childhood obesity.

“Dave’s message is consistent with most of us who set lofty goals…to have the guts to make a commitment, to prepare like no other, to accept the consequences involved and to never rest on your laurels.”
Lance Armstrong
7-time Tour de France Champion

“I feel sorry for the bookstore owner trying to find the proper shelf for Dave’s book. Like Dave, this book seems to belong everywhere. It’s a management book, a self-help book, a sports book, a biography and even a history book. Most importantly, this book reveals stories that describe the making of a motivational and organizational mastermind. It will get you off the couch!”

Joan Samuelson
1984 Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist, 1979 and 1983 Boston Marathon Champion

“Dave has an uncanny ability to stretch human boundaries physically, psychologically and spiritually merely to enhance the motivation for others. His image and persona always inspired me and I know he has touched thousands of people who he has subliminally credited in The Last Pick.”
Dave Scott
6-time Winner Ironman Triathlon World Championship

“I know few people who have accomplished as much as Dave, and none who have done it with his grit, courage, humanity, and unyielding determination.”
Amby Burfoot

1968 Boston Marathon Champion Executive Editor, Runner's World Magazine

"Dave McGillivray has shown that he knows what it takes to motivate and inspire people to accomplish goals beyond their expectations. I am proud to say he has inspired the people of Boston and especially our children to reach farther and achieve more. With The Last Pick, Dave's wisdom will be available to everyone seeking guidance as they reach for the stars."
Thomas M. Menino
Mayor of Boston

“Dave McGillivray is the type of person that fits my definition of an off the field hero. He may not have been picked by others long ago to be on their team, but he'd be the first I'd pick to be on my team now.”
Alberto Salazar
Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon Champion

“Every amateur and professional athlete, every coach, fan, parent of a child in sports, referee, sports organizer, sports agent, team owner, announcer, sports bar proprietor, needs to read this book to understand why humans were given the ability to run, jump, throw, kick, tumble, catch, et al., in the first place. Answer: To advance the cause of humanity. This is what Dave is all about and everyone, all of life's competitors, needs to read about this one guy who lives that ideal.”
Dave Cowens
Boston Celtics All-Star, NBA Hall of Fame, NBA MVP, NBA Rookie of the Year

“McGillivray truly understands that success is about overcoming the obstacles that life brings whether they be physical, mental or emotional challenges and then using these experiences as motivation to prove the critics wrong.”
Doug Flutie
NFL Quarterback, 1984 Heisman Trophy Winner, Pro Bowl Selection

“Dave shows that through perseverance, self-confidence and a willingness to accept any sacrifices involved, that no road is too long and no challenge is too great.“
Dennis Eckersley
Hall of Fame Pitcher, Cy Young Award Winner, 6-time All-Star

“I've known Dave since his first run across the US and know well his story. Dave is well-respected in the running community in the USA and beyond. No one deserves that respect more.”
Bill Rodgers

4-time Boston and NYC Marathon Champion