Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boston Marathon tips from L Street Running Club President John McDermott

He shares the same first and last name with the first winner of the Boston Marathon.

He’s the president, and heart and soul of the best running club in Boston, the L Street Running Club.

He’s completed 20 Boston Marathons and his PR from Hopkinton to Boston is 3:15.

To runners in the Boston area, John McDermott is simply known as “Mac.”
Mac has been president of the L Street Running Club for about 12 years. And just one example of his dedication to the club and its members is evident every Sunday before training runs when he sends off runners with some words of advice and perhaps a joke or two.

Mac knows Boston!

So check out his 3 tips for conquering the hills, the flats and all 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley Square...

1. Do your homework. Learn from your training runs.

2. Be ready mentally.

3. It's a tough Marathon, enjoy the ride. It's the Granddaddy of them all. MAINTAIN! MAINTAIN! MAINTAIN!

Thanks Mac.

Check back tomorrow for a great Boston Marathon story from Mac…