Saturday, January 21, 2006

First woman to run Boston Marathon

Welcome back. As a newbie in the blog world I'm still finding my online voice. My last few posts were more personal in nature. And I will continue to post thoughts and such from time to time. But I'd like to offer you more interesting information on the BOSTON marathon here than you can find anywhere else. Information on BOSTON and the MARATHON that will inspire you to run or watch for the first time... or the twenty-first time.

So here's an interesting tidbit you may not know about the Boston Marathon. In 1966 the first woman to run the Boston Marathon was Roberta Gibb. She ran as a bandit - an unofficial runner- and posted an amazing time of 3:21. I heard her speak at an L Street meeting a few years ago before the Marathon. Gibb, originally from Winchester, MA, now lives in California. But her love affair with the marathon and the city of Boston is stronger than ever.