Friday, January 20, 2006

Running and copywriting in No Man's Land

My mind likes to drift to when I rack up the miles. Thoughts and ideas ricochet around my brain like they're bouncing inside a pinball machine. And for me, that's a good thing.

Last night's run started at 6pm from L St. (weekday runs start from L St., Sunday runs start at M). By 6:10, one group split into three and I found myself in "No Man's Land"- a place where I wasn't running fast enough to stay with the creme de la creme and not slow enough to be the last group in. So for a while I ran alone. But running in "No Man's Land" has one big advantage - the chance to really let your mind go. And as a copywriter, that means I get to work while I'm working out. I can create a new headline. Brainstorm an ad concept. Or sometimes I'll think of just a single word--a better word-- to make ad copy more effective.

Gotta run....and write. See you tomorrow.