Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boston Marathon tips from Jeff Galloway

His name is synonymous with running. His training advice has helped thousands of beginner and elite runners reach their goals. And when you first started running, a friend may have suggested you read his book, the bible of running, Galloway's Book on Running.

Olympian Jeff Galloway, who has finished 5th in the Boston Marathon, has helped over 500,000 runners, at all levels, work towards their goals through his e-coaching, one-day running schools, retreats, books, training programs and individual consultations. His books and free information are available at www.JeffGalloway.com.

This week I contacted Jeff via e-mail and asked him for some words of advice on running Boston. Here's what he had to say...

1. You'll see in my book Marathon that I recommend slowing down the pace of the long run (2 min/mi slower than marathon pace) and inserting liberal walk breaks. Because of the many hills on the course, I recommend building the distance of the last long one up to 28 or 29 miles, running them every 3 weeks.

2. If this is your first Boston, I recommend slowing down your pace during, at least, the first 20 miles. Enjoy the crowds, the historic course, fellow runners, and the whole weekend.

3. Slow your pace when the temperature rises. After having trained tens of thousands of runners through summers in the South my "Galloway temperature adjustment" is as follows: slow down by 30 seconds a mile for every 5 degrees above 60F. If you slow down early you will tend to avoid heat disease, and be the one who is passing people at the end...instead of passing out.

Thanks Jeff.

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