Monday, March 19, 2007

Attention all cars! Attention all cars!

This just in from the Ashland Police department...

Boston Marathon
Monday, April 16

Local roads will close earlier and reopen earlier than years past:

Hopkinton 7:30am (close) - 11:30am (open)
Ashland 7:30am (close) - 1:00pm (open)
Framingham 8:45am (close) - 1:30pm (open)
Natick 8:45am (close) - 2:00pm (open)
Wellesley 8:45am (close) - 2:30pm (open)
Newton 9:00am (close) - 3:30pm (open)
Brookline 9:30am (close) - 4:30pm (open)
Boston Variable (close) - 6:00pm (open)

All road closure and reopening times are estimates. Police and Public Safety Officers will make the final determination